Restaurant in Cracow, the Old Town, Kazimierz. Traditional Da Grasso Pizza – Welcome.                  

Da Grasso Pizza Restaurant is located near Kazimierz district, in 32 Starowiślna Street. We offer traditional pizza with free garlic and tomato sauces. You can eat your pizza in our restaurant or order it on the phone to be delivered to your place.

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Welcome to the website of Da Grasso Pizza Restaurant in Cracow.

We started in June 2006. Our restaurant is located in the basement of a tenement house in 32 Starowiślna Street. The location in the basement largely contributes to the unique climate of our restaurant, reflecting the climate of Old Cracow, particularly Kazimierz. As one of our guests accurately summarised: “This is the first pizza restaurant where quality comes over quantity and where you can comfortably eat your pizza in a place with special climate.”

When opening up our restaurant in Kazimierz, we tried to combine the specific interior design of Da Grasso pizza restaurants with the unique climate of Cracow. Check to see if we succeeded, by browsing through our gallery, or – even better – by visiting our restaurant. We have four rooms with approximately 40 seats and the total surface of 90 sq. meters. Those customers who do not feel like visiting us, are welcome to order their pizza with delivery by phone on (12) 422 14 40.

Now, a few words about our pizza: those of you, who have already tasted Da Grasso pizza, do not need any further recommendation. If you are our potential customer, let us give you a few hints on our pizzas. They are delicious, low-priced and huge!!! Our inexpensive pizzas (check them in the menu) are of 32 (small one) and 42 (large one) cm in diameter. You also get two tasty sauces: tomato and garlic one, which you receive FOR FREE!!! We offer 75 types of pizza, with traditional, vegetarian, fruit, poultry and seafood toppings. Besides, the fact of existence of over 100 Da Grasso restaurants all over Poland, proves that our brand is reliable and highly accepted by the Polish customers.

That is all for the introduction. If you feel we have attracted you to our services, then please, feel welcome to visit us, or order our pizza by phone. Check our services – we promise we will not let you down.

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